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I'm Heleen and I love writing novels. Thankfully, people tend to like reading them too.


I'm Dutch and I live in Glasgow with Scottish husband and our two teens.


My debut crime novel IN SERVITUDE came out in 2018I'm very proud of its success in various awards + reviews.


STAY MAD, SWEETHEART is  dark yet empowering feminist thriller that's had rave reviews and some shortlistings too.


My latest WHAT I HID FROM YOU is about a dentist who succumbs to an addition to Valium and stumbles into the hands of Glasgow drug dealers.


Have a look around and stay in touch through Twitter, Facebook or my newsletter.

“Kist’s brilliance lies in her ability to weave together tiny specific details of imaginary lives to create a compelling human drama.”

—Sarah Moorhead, author of "Witness X" 

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